By: AA

23 April 2010

YT Comment:

So, if the father's experiences are implanted along with the mother's experiences, which later manifest as thoughts within the conscious mind, I have a question. Are the experiences, then, carried through the sperm for the father and the egg of the women? It's not like the mother has any knowledge, whatsoever, of the father's experiences except the ones that were shared between them. Is it the "DNA" which carries this data to the newly formed being?


Understand – within and during Sex, what occurs – is a Mind Consciousness System download/transfer between the Partners engaging within Sexual Intercourse.
Wherein – the one Partner’s Entire Mind Consciousness System ‘liquifies’ and transfers and then manifests within the other Partner’s Physical-Body and vice versa.

This occurred – whether having one-night-stands or locking into long-term relationships, the only difference between having various sexual-partners over a long period of time, not committing and having few/one sexual-partners over a long period of time, committing = is the amount of Mind Consciousness System Transfers into oneself and within that - the effects and consequences other’s Mind Consciousness Systems and System-Manifestations, transferred and manifested into and as self, has on one’s experience within self – both internally and externally, wherein – for example, one will form/create ‘new’ personalities, thoughts and behaviours and/or manifest events/situations/experiences within one’s world = due to others’ Mind Consciousness System’s ‘directive influence’ within oneself and one’s living, that create one’s experience within self and one’s reality without.

Thus – when a Mind Consciousness System transfer manifest within self, and ‘parts of the other Mind Consciousness System is actively participated within’, within thoughts and reactions within the belief/idea of it being ‘self’ = what happens, is that – the other’s Mind Consciousness System “merge” with and as self’s own Mind Consciousness System in the Physical – whereby self, in essence – “merge” with System-Manifestations/Constructs of another’s Mind Consciousness System, and so – accept and allow their Programs/Life-Designs within Habits and Behaviours, Patterns and Constructs to “become a part of self”, therefore – self becomes it, through participating in it and living it. Now – even though both partner’s Mind Consciousness Systems’ merge – the ‘resonant marking signatures’ of each other’s Mind Consciousness System remain, meaning – your ‘individualized-personified Mind Consciousness System’, still remain ‘separate, yet attached-to’ the other’s Mind Consciousness System that transferred into and as you.
So that, in the event of another’s Mind Consciousness System transferring into you – there occur no “short-circuiting” of-sorts, whereby the Mind Consciousness System transfers cause a friction/clashing between each-other, which may cause “mental instability”, because there’s a great amount of information transferring within Mind Consciousness System transfers.

Therefore – the Mind Consciousness Systems transferred into and as you, for example – will all attach and merge through that attachment = but will remain “individualized” within/through its “resonant marking signature”. This I all explained for you to understand context in relation to your question asked. The transfer of both Parents Mind Consciousness Systems’, thus occur within, during and through the Mother’s womb as the “blood transfusion” occur, wherein the ‘developed’ Mind Consciousness Systems’ of both Parents – transfuse into and as the ‘developing’ Child’s physical, as the child’s physical-body develop as ‘part of’ the mother’s physical. Because – within the Mother, exist her own and that of her Partner’s Mind Consciousness System as we’ve explained within the above sections/parts of comments.

This transfer of Mind Consciousness Systems, however – no more take place within and during Sex and within and during Child-development and birth. The process is now/has been “Internalized”, and everything and all of each being “Inverted into Themselves” – meaning: Within and during Sex – especially within having sex within the starting-point and participation of and as Energy – the energy that was previously used as a ‘supporting bridge’ for the Mind-Transfers during/within orgasm or that uploaded into the Unconscious-Mind of beings into and as the rest of Humanity = is now inverting directly back into self’s own Mind Consciousness System.

Because – previously = Energy that was produced, for example - by/through participation in the Mind within thoughts, generating reactions or sexual-energy; was dispersed throughout humanity and into one’s own Mind Consciousness System, wherein beings’ never faced their own creations and consequences, but exerted it outwards towards others, thereby – never taking self-responsibility for their own creations through the Mind. Now, however – with the inversion of all that you create through your Mind within energy – is sent back straight into self, to manifest within self and one’s world – to face your own direct creation both within and without = with no-one to blame or point-fingers at for experiences/events/situations that manifest within self and one’s world: But self.

Thus – we’re now as Humanity in the age of facing consequence, of facing ourselves, of facing the creation of ourselves. This is the only way – we can start taking responsibility in realising that what we participate in within ourselves and without, towards ourselves and others = has consequences in many various facets, and that – we’re not going to make a difference/change/stop to the way of the world, unless we start facing up to and taking accountability for – all that we are, do, speak, think and express.

Thus, all that Human-Beings require facing now – is themselves, only self and all that self directly participated within, in creating self through the Mind, and all that self accepted/defined self as through the Mind = you’re always only facing yourself in every moment of Breath – wherein – in that Moment of Breath, you have the opportunity for/as actual self-change, through self-directive will and self-movement in living self-honestly as breath, in breath – in stopping consequence and taking responsibility for who, how and what self live and is in that Moment and willing self into and as the Absolute Stand within and as Self-Perfection. Self-Perfection – the will to perfect self in living self-honestly, within the starting-point of equality and oneness as all, equal and one here – to manifest the actual real perfect world: heaven on earth as self here as all, equally as one in the Physical.

Transcending perceived limitations and exploring the boundlessness of self-expression HERE in the Physical.

Exposing hidden secrets within self, and facing them within self - to set self free in being able to stand self-honestly before all and self with nothing to hide.

Eradicating deception so that we’re able to actually face ourselves without shame and regret – but are able to actually live with ourselves, and be at peace with ourselves in being able to stand with ourselves into eternity.

Stopping self-dishonesty – so that we’re able to release ourselves from the web of lies we spin as an accepted norm of way of being, so lost within our own lies through self-dishonesty that we no more even have a self-reference of ‘who we are’ by which we can stand; thus – we stop self-dishonesty, stop the lies we tell ourselves and others – so that we’re able to actually stand by ourselves, our words in dignity and have an actual reference of who we are as we stand within that eternally.

Removing self-interest as fear and survival as the perceived ‘exclusivity’ we embrace as though we’re the only one’s struggling and fighting to exist in this world, and realise that – there are billions of others, exactly as you and me in this world, on this earth – equally struggling and fighting to exist in this world, on this earth in their own ways = and within removing self-interest as fear and survival separated into our own exclusive-elitist existence, we start taking into account all as self in finding a solution for all to reap from the unconditional provision of the earth, so that we’re all as humanity able to live with each other in this world, on this earth together – within considering ourselves and each-other as equals, as one.

And Finally: Face Death – so that we’re actually able to give ourselves the gift of life in allowing ourselves to live the acceptance of ourselves as life, and become living beings in this reality – instead of beings walking in petrification of death, wherein our decisions are always tainted with the inevitability of death – never living, but walking already as zombies as all accept death and only walk to their death in their experience of their lives on earth diminishing to nothing, instead of LIVING HERE in every MOMENT in the Physical in expanding self here in the physical to realise that we’re more than death, it is just to accept Life and actually live it – through walking through the fear of death within self, and giving self the gift of life through Self-Forgiveness.

Herein, to walk this creation of ourselves – existent as secrets, deception, self-dishonesty, lies, self-interest, survival, fear, petrification of death as the fear of losing ourselves, not realising that we’ve always been lost, missing the obvious: Ourselves, the Physical that is the actual-reality = to support and assisting self in facing all that self has become, is walking Self-Forgiveness, Self-honesty, Writing, Self-Corrective Application – to regain our composure in composing a reality of perfection within equality and oneness, in consideration of all equally as one as self – instead of a reality of destruction, neglect, shame and despair.
You are the key to yourself, in making a stop and change in this reality/world as you – the action simply remain of taking self-responsibility and taking into account all equally as one within this reality – that all have it in their grasp to make a definitive change in this world and themselves, we simply have to live it and show others to live within equality and oneness, in facing self and taking self-responsibility. Herein we develop Self-Trust and within all Trusting themselves, we’re able to Trust each-other.

Though we have a long walk, with the possibility of not making it – even such possibilities must be faced, otherwise one cannot walk absolute, eternally in standing by and as self no matter what the outcome – one must walk for self as self as all as one as equal – not for any other reason/cause, because self must self-realise self here, for self as self in the physical – and show/assist and support others to do/realise and live the same = only so can we become actualized equals, living as one in this reality and so be what we have within our capacity to become. It’s simply a decision that must be made and in fact lived. Who make the decision – is up to themselves – in living life, in realising life, in accepting life – and stopping the unnecessary misery and agony we cause within ourselves and others.

I say: Let’s stop consequence and Live Life, and understand – death and ascension is NOT the answer: The KEY, the ANSWER has ALWAYS BEEN HERE: The PHYSICAL, grounded and standing on our own two feet with all feet – equal and one.