May 15th 2010
By: Bernard Poolman


‘Reality’ as a ‘Word’ explains ‘Everything’.

In ‘Basic’ ‘Matrix-Code’ the ‘R’ represents the ‘Frequency’ and the ‘Polarity’ –the ‘male’ or the ‘female’.
The ‘E’ represents the ‘Energy’ – that means the ‘form’ the ‘Energy’ will take-on.
The ‘A’ represents the ‘reason’, the ‘meaning’, the ‘beginning’ and the ‘end’.
The ‘L’ represents the ‘Relationships’, the ‘Interconnectedness’ of all the ‘Directive Points’ –What is ‘Dominant’, What is ‘Submissive’.
The ‘I’ represents the ‘I’.
The ‘T’ represents the ‘Direction’ it’ll take – that means the ‘How’ it is ‘Willed’ into ‘Direction’ and the ‘Y’ obviously represents the ‘Illusion of Choice’, the ‘Idea’ that it was a ‘Choice’.

From ‘another’-perspective, ‘Reality’ ‘indicate’ that what the ‘Individual’ is ‘doing ‘Always’ ‘Influence’ the ‘All’ = ‘Re-ALLity’ – and, that as long as the ‘I’ as the ‘Individual’ ‘Dominates the ‘ALL’’ = we have a ‘Reality’ as what we have ‘now’ where the ‘I’ ‘overrides’ the ‘ALL’ – that means the ‘I am’ the ‘small’ I am – overrides the ‘Big’ ‘I AM’ – the ‘Big’ ‘I AM’ being where ‘All together’ is ‘God’ –and now the ‘Individual’ is ‘Playing ‘God’’ over the ‘Greater’ and that ‘cause’ obviously ‘massive’ problems in ‘Reality’: starvation, destruction, suffering of a kind that is virtually ‘immeasurable’ because the ‘Individual’ Do Not ‘Experience’-that, yet the ‘All’ ‘does’ and the ‘Individual’ within the ‘All’ that is ‘Actually’ at the ‘end ‘of ‘Receiving the Problem’, is experiencing -it – while the one that is ‘Creating the Problem’ is ‘Not’ experiencing-it.

So, ‘Reality’ or ‘ReALLity’ is the ‘Principle’ that must be ‘sorted-out’ through ‘Equality’.

Now one must ‘also’ understand that in the ‘I am that I AM’ where the Individual ‘I am’ ‘overrides’ the ‘Greater’ ‘I AM’, that when it comes to the ‘Actual Integration’ ‘After-Death’ of the ‘Individual’ ‘I am’ into the ‘Greater’ ‘I AM’ = that ‘integration’ Do Not ‘take-place’, because the ‘Greater’ ‘I AM’ ‘Rejects’ the ‘smaller’ Individual ‘I am’ and at ‘Death’, the ‘small’ ‘I am’ is found ‘wanting’ and thus Not ‘assimilate-it’ back into the ‘Greater’ ‘I AM’ – ‘simply’ because, when it ‘was’ in its ‘Expression-form’ as an ‘Individual-Part’ within certain ‘rules’, it applied the rules Not into the ‘Benefit of All’ but applied the ‘rules’ or the ‘laws’ to the Benefit of the ‘Singular’ ‘I AM’ and thus, indicated that it was No-‘longer’ ‘part’- of the ‘I AM’, that it would ‘Abuse’ the ‘I AM’, that it would Cause ‘Harm’ deliberately in ‘Self-Interest’, that it ‘beliefs’ itself to be somewhat ‘inferior’ and therefore needed to ‘Dominate’ the ‘other-parts’ of the ‘whole’ that the ‘Individual Units’ of ‘Consciousness’, was ‘playing a game’ of ‘Win’ and ‘Lose’ where it was ‘Directing’ or ‘Influencing’ the ‘Greater Consciousness’, the ‘Greater’ ‘I AM’ into the ‘Direction’ of its just…of its ‘Action’ which is ‘Justified’ then as ‘Valid’ because it apparently has ‘Choice’ – but ‘In-Reality’= there is No ‘Choice’, there are many ‘Units’ and the ‘Units’ must ‘work together’ to have a singular ‘I Am’-‘Unit’ that is to the ‘Benefit of All’. Therefore the ‘I am that I AM’ is ‘Really’, Simply ‘Indicating’ the Mathematical ‘Consequence’ of what is the Reality ‘flow-out’ if that is Not ‘Considered’ for ‘All’ – ‘Equally’.

Now please, ‘Re-Consider’ the ‘Meaning’ of ‘Reality’ – Re-Consider the Meaning of ‘I am that I AM’ and ‘Understand’ the ‘Consequence’ if you do not Act in ‘Equality’, and ‘Benefit for All’ ‘Indicating’ your Understanding of your ‘Interconnectedness’ and You cannot be ‘Trusted’ with that ‘Interconnectedness’ because you want to ‘Win’ and ‘Dominate-it’ – Understand that ‘After-Death’ = there is a ‘Consequence’ and that You will Not be ‘continuing’ your ‘Journey’ and your ‘Temporary Existence’ has then ‘Indicated’ and has been Directed ‘By-You’ and through your ‘Perceived Choice’ to a ‘End’ as ‘Oblivion’.

This ‘Is’ the ‘Final-Round’ of this – seemingly ‘very-few’ ‘Beings’ has Learned ‘anything’ – and ‘All’ Act ‘Blind’ – we’re simply sharing the view what we observe daily ‘happens’ to those that ‘Cross-Over’.
Do-Not ‘Trust’ what the ‘Mind’ ‘Represents’ – ‘Best’ to work-out ‘Mathematically’ in ‘Common Sense’ ‘What happens’ and ‘What’ would You ‘Actually ‘want-to happen’ that’s ‘Best for All’ if you were any ‘part’-of the ‘Individualized’ ‘I am’ ‘Units’ of the ‘Greater’ ‘I AM’, Would You have been ‘satisfied’ with this ‘Reality’ and the way it-‘Exist’ Now?
And that’s ‘Reality’.