Principle & Personality

By Bernard Poolman
23 May 2010

Let’s look at Principle and Personality.

You’ll notice an interesting thing that, people that ‘attack’ Desteni will ‘attack’ Desteni from a perspective of ‘Personality’. They ‘attack’ the Desteni-‘Point’ by being ‘personal’ in their ‘attack’. They are not considering that Desteni has got nothing to do with ‘Personality’. Desteni has got to do with Principle.

The Principle of Desteni and that Desteni stand for is: Equality. That means that the ‘Quality of Existence of All parts of Existence’ must be Equal. That is Equality. That’s not about ‘Personality’. It is about Principle.

The moment somebody ‘attacks’ using ‘Personality’ or being ‘personal’ in their ‘attack’, calling the person names, without establishing or taking-on the Principle – When you’re taking-on a Principle, you’re looking at the Principle from the perspective of whether the Principle that the person is living is what is ‘Best for All’ or is it only what is ‘Best’ for the ‘Personality’.You establish that ‘point’, and you know what you’re dealing with. If you’re dealing with just ‘Personality’, ban the Fucker. You’re wasting your time and you are, by ‘entertaining their personality’, becoming ‘Equal’ also ‘as a Personality’.

Stick to the Principles. You have the ‘tools’ that support you to establish your Principles clearly: which is Self-Honesty, Self-Forgiveness, CommonSense – these Principles assist you to establish clear ‘guidelines’ on what is ‘Equality in Action’.

And why we would then focus on a ‘Political Solution’ that is Principle-Based, in terms of ‘World Equality’ – and a ‘Money’ that is Principle-Based, which is ‘Equal Money’.

When Money is based on: “I would like to have the choice to be rich” – that’s ‘Personality’-Based, that’s not Principle-Based. Those ‘arguments’ are irrelevant, because that Being can Not ‘sustain that position’.
Eternal Life is in Principle, not in ‘Personality’. ‘Personality’ dies. Life continues. Life is Principle-Based.

But at the moment, Life has been allowed to be ‘controlled by Personality’, which means – Nobody Lives by Principle and have an Experience that’s worthy of Life. So, currently, Life cannot be called something that is ‘worthwhile’ – ‘cause everybody is looking at their ‘personal gratification’; instead of the Principle of Gratification = How would one ‘gratify All parts Equally’ – and, within that, Experience-Yourself as a ‘Principle in Action’ – with a Name, Not a ‘Personality’.

You still have ‘Individuality’, you still have the Experience and it’s still ‘unique’; the only difference is you are no-longer a threat to your ‘fellow man’, you’re actually now ‘loving thy neighbour as thyself’.
You have now taken the ‘Jesus Principle’ into Action, and not the ‘Jesus’-‘Personality’ into Action. ‘Jesus’-Personality into Action is to say, “Oh, Jesus died for my sins with his blood, the blood of Jesus.” That’s ‘Personality’, that’s not Principle. Jesus Principles are: ‘Love they neighbour as thyself’ = Which is ‘Equality in Action’. That’s not being done. Which is why, if you look at the Desteni Forums for instance – we are not interested in you participating as ‘Personality’. We have no ‘rules’. We’re simply Principle-Based.
You come and share your ‘personality’, you’ll be banned. You come and participate in ‘establishing Principle’ that’s ‘Best for All’ – let’s work-together! You’re most welcome, as an Equal!