- On the pyramid structure of Mind Consciousness -

Discussion with Bernard
28 May 2010

Bernard: Ok so within your ‘mind-construct’ you have to ‘understand’ that the ‘mind-construct’ ‘design’ is a ‘pyramid’ and you as the ‘Conscious-Mind’, as the ‘ego’, as the ‘individual’ is the ‘eye’ in the top of the pyramid. Now that is the ‘presentation’ of ‘yourself’ that means that which you ‘present’ as ‘value’ within the ‘world-system’. Then ‘underneath’ it is your ‘Sub-Conscious Mind’ which is the part where you ‘think’ and ‘design’ and ‘construct’ your ‘placement’ in the ‘World-System’. And then at the ‘bottom’ of the ‘pyramid’ is your ‘support system’ that means the ‘world-system’, that which you must ‘align’ with so that you can ‘survive’.

Therefore, for instance, in the ‘world-system’… What is the ‘primary’ thing everyone ‘needs’ for ‘survival’, is money. Without ‘money’ you can’t do anything so therefore the ‘primary’ ‘point’ within this ‘pyramid’ that exist is you’re ‘alignment’, your ‘effectiveness’ with ‘money’. That ‘money’ is ‘aligned’ ‘within’ the ‘system’ to be ‘valued’ as ‘knowledge’. That means the ‘more knowledge’ you have the ‘more money’ you can get.
And then you have that also there within the ‘construct’ of ‘systems’ that means ‘machines’ in ‘ways of supporting’ the ‘human’ within its ‘survival quest’. Anything that you can come up that ‘improves’ that, that means you’re a ‘inventor’ that ‘invents’ something will give you a ‘benefit’ because you are ‘supporting’ the ‘group’ in its ‘survival’, you come up with a ‘new machine’ that makes things ‘effective’, you become ‘wealthy’ because it ‘supports’ the ‘system’ for ‘survival’. Obviously within this you have your various ‘hierarchies’ as well, or your ‘various pyramids’ as well, but the ‘primary pyramid’ we’re dealing with here is now the ‘understanding’ of ‘how’ the ‘living pyramid’ of the ‘Mind-Consciousness System’ ‘operate’.

So at the ‘bottom’ in the ‘support design’ you ‘have’ your ‘survival system’, your ‘competition’. What is the ‘competition point’? The ‘competition point’ of the ‘survival’ within the ‘system’ is there’s gonna be ‘winners’ and there’s gonna be ‘losers’, so that’s the very first thing you have to be ‘taught’ in school: There’s gonna be ‘winners’ and there’s gonna be ‘losers’ and it’s not ‘bad’ to ‘lose’, because only ‘one’ can ‘win’, and the ‘best’ one ‘must win’ because that’s ‘good’. Why is that ‘good’? Because that’s ‘good’ for everyone that there is a ‘winner’, and that’s ‘good’ for everyone that there is a ‘loser’. But you must always ‘strive’ to ‘win’, so you’re ‘constantly’ on the ‘move’ within the ‘Unconscious-Mind’ which is the ‘support design’ of the ‘support-matrix’ of the ‘self-expression’ the ‘self-design’.

You’re ‘constantly’ ‘in’ ‘competition’. And ‘competition’ essentially is another word for ‘evolution’. ‘Evolution’ which is ‘survival’ of the ‘fittest’. ‘Winners win’, ‘losers lose’. The ‘same – Survival’ of the ‘fittest’. So ‘accepting that’ as the ‘primary design’ as ‘valid’ within this ‘reality’ is the ‘key’ for the ‘current’ ‘world-system’ to ‘exist’ and for the ‘current’ ‘self’ to be who the ‘self’ is. Because the ‘self’ for ‘survival’ must ‘align’ to the ‘survival-system’, the ‘base-system’, the ‘support-system’.
Now, how is one ‘trapped’? You are ‘trapped’ as follows: By saying, you can’t ‘serve’ two Gods, you have to make a ‘decision’ where are you gonna place your ‘trust in’ for ‘support’? Is it in ‘belief’? Is it in ‘religion’? Is it in ‘money’? Is it in ‘atheism’? Whatever ‘you decide’, you ‘have to decide’ and ‘live only that’ for you to be ‘successful’ otherwise everyone ‘around’ you ‘rejects’ you. And if they ‘reject you’, you’re ‘alone’, and when you’re ‘alone’, you ‘cannot survive’ because you need ‘two or more’ in the ‘name’ of what it is you’re ‘supporting’ to be able to get somewhere.
Therefore it’s a ‘simple statement’ of the ‘system’. The ‘father’ and ‘I’ am ‘one’. ‘Two or more’ is ‘required’ for anything which is why the ‘basis’ of the ‘whole system’ is ‘relationships’. ‘Two or more’ to ‘bring forth’ more ‘offspring’ to make sure the ‘system survive’. All about ‘survival’, ‘sex’, ‘survival’, ‘money’, ‘family’ – ‘All’ of ‘it’ is ‘survival’. And all of it is based on ‘supporting’ and ‘being supported’ by the ‘support-system’ of the ‘Unconscious-Mind’.

The ‘design’ part of it, which is the ‘Sub-Conscious’, is ‘where’ ‘one’ is busy ‘deceiving’ everyone else. You’re busy ‘placing there’ ‘information’ in ways that you can ‘end up winning’. It’s like ‘playing poker’.

Your ‘Conscious-Mind’, which mean it is the ‘eye’, the ‘face you are presenting’, that’s you’re ‘poker-face’. That’s the ‘face you present’ to the ‘world’ with a ‘nice smile’ while in your ‘Sub-Conscious Mind’ you are ‘designing’ something else and you’re ‘looking for a weakness’ in the person in front of you; So that you can ‘trap them’ in their ‘weakness’. So you are ‘looking’ for it the ‘whole time’ – that’s the ‘total design’, because the ‘absolute fear’ that ‘exist’ ‘within’ you, is ‘survival’, that if you ‘do not’ ‘survive’, if you ‘do not align’ yourself ‘effectively’ to the ‘support’ which is the ‘God system’, the ‘Unconscious-Mind’, if you ‘do not align’ yourself ‘effectively’ to ‘God’, to the ‘Unconscious-Mind’ – you are not going to ‘survive’ and you’re going to be ‘rejected’ by ‘god’ which is the ‘system’. Which is the ‘Unconscious-Mind’. And which is that which is the ‘agreed’ ‘reality’ between everyone. Does it make sense?
Sunette: Ja.

Bernard: So ‘within this’, if you do your ‘mind-consciousness system’, your ‘construct’, your ‘mind-construct’, you are ‘looking’ to ‘identify’ - Where do I have a ‘fake-face’? How do I ‘design’ this ‘fake-face’? And ‘how do I’ ‘align’ myself with my ‘design’ to ‘my support-system’ so that I am ‘trapped’ that I cannot ‘change’, and ‘be effective’ in considering a ‘new system’ for the World. ‘In considering’ an ‘Equal-Money System’, for instance – an ‘Equality-System’. ‘Where’ am I ‘trapped’ that I cannot ‘break-through’ or ‘break-out’ of this ‘hypnotic state’ of ‘fear’ I’m in because I’m in a ‘hypnotic state of fear’ where I ‘have’ to ‘survive’. That is ‘rule one’. I have to ‘survive’, no matter how I must ‘deceive’, and ‘fake’, and ‘present’ a ‘false image’ and ‘ego’ to the world – I must ‘survive’, in spite of the fact that I ‘know’ I’m ‘going to die’. But while I’m here I must do my ‘utmost’ to make it ‘work’. No matter ‘what the price’. No matter who becomes ‘cannon fodder’ or who is ‘collateral damage’ in the ‘Process’. That is irrelevant. ‘I’ ‘must’ ‘survive’. It’s about ‘me’ first. I must ‘place’ my ‘family’ first. I must ‘place’ my ‘beliefs’ first. Because they ‘support’ me. I mean, that’s the ‘proof’ I have. How can you ‘try’ and ‘break’ the ‘proof’ I have? My ‘beliefs’ work for me.

Got it - The problem which is within the ‘design of self’ and ‘self’ is the ‘illuminati’. You are always ‘illumined’ because you have ‘proof’ within your ‘belief-system’ that your ‘eye’ is ‘special’. Because your ‘Unconscious-Mind’ is ‘supporting’ you, obviously, you’ve ‘aligned’ yourself to the bloody thing. Obviously it’s gonna ‘look’ like that. I mean this is what everybody has been ‘trapped’ in ‘within’ their ‘Mind-Construct’ at this stage. That’s why everybody’s gonna ‘believe’ ‘they are’ the ‘eye’ on ‘top’ of the ‘pyramid’. But they are. I mean, that’s the ‘whole design’ from the ‘beginning’: The ‘I’ –