By Bernard Poolman

06 June 2010

Ok, so ‘what is’ a ‘Resonance Symbol’?

In your ‘Life’, you will, as you grow up, you will ‘form relationships’. ‘Your relationships’ will be, for instance, as a child, you’ll ‘take something’, you’ll ‘pick it up’, you’ll ‘put it in your mouth’, you ‘touch it’, you ‘look at it’, you ‘move it’. ‘Within that’, you are actually ‘formatting’ that ‘as a part of’ the ‘Symbol’. An ‘Interactive Point’ you are going ‘interact with’ in ‘Reality’, just like ‘Programming’. ‘You are’ making that point…

Now – ‘each one’ of those ‘points’ are ‘forming’ a ‘relationship’. ‘The Relationship’ ‘forms a Definition’. The ‘definition’ that it ‘forms’ would be ‘in-relationship’ to, for instance, a ‘person’, a ‘room’, a ‘place’, ‘clothes’, ‘color’, ‘underwear’, ‘what you do in the bathroom’. ‘All of that’. And ‘each point’ of those, ‘will form’, eventually, ‘a symbol’.

The ‘symbol’ will ‘contain’ all the ‘information’ necessary to ‘do that action’, ‘functionally’ and ‘effective’ in this ‘Reality’. So, the ‘symbol’ in itself ‘represent’ the ‘automated’ ‘function’ that you’ve ‘learned as a child’, that you now do, like ‘holding the cup’, ‘drinking from the cup’, you ‘couldn’t do it’ when you first ‘got on Earth’, you had to first ‘program-in’ the ‘functionality’ ‘in-to the Physical’ to be able to ‘perform the action’. So, if you have somebody that is now ‘growing up with wolves’, they, for instance, will not be able to ‘hold a cup’ because their ‘Structural Design’ wont have the ‘Structural Resonance Symbol’, which ‘contains’ the ‘information’, ‘which is interactive’ ‘with Reality’, which will ‘impulse the physical’ to ‘hold a cup’ and ‘bring it to the mouth to drink’.

Now, for ‘every’ ‘single’ ‘thing you do’, ‘in your Life’, you have a ‘Resonance Symbol’, that ‘contains the automation’ of ‘the particular function’ or ‘action’ or ‘habit’ you do. ‘In’ ‘every single part of it’, ‘there’s a Symbol’. It is ‘similar’ to Line Code in a ‘software that function’ in an ‘Operating System’, like ‘Windows’ or ‘Linux’ or one of these ‘Operating Systems’. I mean, there are ‘various’ ‘levels of functionality’.

So, within your ‘Resonance Symbol’, ‘will be contained’, ‘all the thoughts’, ‘all the pictures’, ‘all the points’ ‘relative’ and ‘relevant’ to your ‘automation’. ‘Relative’ meaning – it will ‘give you the idea’ that you ‘have choice’ and ‘movement’, and then ‘relevant’ it will have ‘the point of’ ‘good and bad’, and the ‘point of fear’, and ‘no fear’, so that you can ‘make your action’ based on you ‘experience’ which you then regard as very ‘important’, in terms of ‘what to do’ in any ‘particular situation’ and that’s all ‘automated’, and the ‘more effective’ that is, because that’s the, ‘the parents’ ‘play’ a ‘big role’ in that, in ‘protecting their child’ from ‘the World’ and from ‘their environment’, and they ‘effectively’ ‘transform’ ‘their child’ into ‘a weapon’. ‘A Soldier’. ‘Dear Soul’.

I mean, ‘that’s why’ a ‘soldier’ is called: ‘Dear Soul’. This ‘Dear Soul’ is a ‘soldier’ as a ‘soul’ is being ‘protected’ by the parent from ‘the environment’ and you are ‘taught’ ‘ways to overcome’ ‘the environment’, of which ‘many’ of the ‘ways’ ‘are deceptive’. ‘Hidden’, ‘Secretive’. That ‘the parent’ already ‘learned’ through ‘generations’ ‘how they can deal’ with ‘other people’, with ‘situations’, with ‘cultures’, with ‘beliefs’. And now the child ‘becomes’ a ‘copy of that’.

That’s why ‘all people’ in this Reality ‘lie all the time’. Because, you are ‘Programmed’, at ‘your Resonant level’, ‘to lie’. And that ‘lie is’ ‘based on’ the ‘information contained’ within ‘the Resonance’ within ‘your Life’, and ‘it determines’ ‘what type of thoughts come up’, the thoughts are coming ‘Pre-Programmed’, ‘by you’, from your ‘Resonance Symbol’. I mean – ‘also Pre-Programmed’, obviously, through ‘environment’, ‘family’, and so on, but ‘you’ ‘gave permission’ for it, there for ‘You're Responsible’. So ‘these things’ are ‘coming up’. You’ll have ‘a particular idea’ about ‘what is beauty’, ‘what is Love’, and ‘much of these things’ will be ‘based on’ ‘Survival’.

‘Survival’ will be the ‘key’, cause that’s what ‘mom and dad’ ‘taught you’, from before you can remember. You can’t remember the ‘initial point’ where mom and dad say’s to you, “Don’t put your finger into the plug, it’s going to shock you”. Because they ‘hit you’ at that point. And you ‘formed’ visual ‘pictures’, ‘impulse points’ ‘with pain’ and all kinds of information, around that ‘plug point’, so that… That’s why, for… and from that perspective, you’ll now ‘end up’ with that ‘Symbol’. The same with ‘police’. I mean, that’s why there’s a ‘policemen in your head’. Because you’ve been ‘taught’ from this big, mom and dad would use ‘police’ to ‘threaten you’ ‘to get you into line’. Ok. ‘Go back’ and have a look.

And eventually, you’ll ‘read about it’ and ‘watch it on TV’, ‘everywhere you’ll see’ the ‘policemen’ are the ‘good guys’ and they ‘give you’ the ‘patterns’ and the things where they’re going to ‘act’ and where you’re ‘going to be in shit’. And the policemen, they’ll ‘kill you’, or they gonna ‘lock you up’ and have a look, on television series, they are all busy Programming’ you ‘to have’ a policemen in your head, so you can ‘comply’. ‘What are they Programming?’ ‘Your Resonance Symbols’. ‘The way you think’ and ‘the way you’re going to act’.

That’s why now, with the ‘New World Order’ coming into the World, ‘nobody will do anything’, they’re already ‘Programmed’. ‘They will scream and shout’, and so on, which is their ‘whole idea’ of ‘free-choice’. But they’ll ‘do nothing’. They ‘can’t’. They’re ‘essentially’ ‘trapped’, as a ‘robot’ within their ‘Structural’ ‘Resonance’ ‘Alignment’. They ‘can’t get out of it’ because they don’t know ‘how it works’, I mean, ‘it’s very simple’. If you are in a ‘white room’ ‘within your Mind’, which ‘many people are’, in ‘essence’ ‘where they are’ ‘mad’, they are ‘trapped within the room’ ‘within their Mind’ and they don’t know ‘how to get out of it’. So, there’s this ‘voice’ that they ‘hear’, they have to give it ‘a value’, that this ‘voice they’re hearing’, is ‘good for them’ because they ‘can’t stop the thing’. But, ‘in-essence’, ‘they’re trapped’, ‘in their own Mind’, through their ‘own dishonesty’, and what is ‘talking’ to them, that’s but ‘Resonant Symbols’. That they have ‘constructed’ ‘themselves’ and ‘given Life to’, ‘themselves’. Therefore, you have ‘multiple points’ from: ‘possession’, ‘Love’, ‘Life’. Every single thing that you have an ‘idea’ about ‘in this World’, ‘will be’ at a ‘level’ of ‘Polarity’, of… ‘level’ of ‘good or bad’, and a ‘level of judgment’.

All of these things are based on ‘what you have Accepted’, throughout your ‘Programming’ as a child, ‘primarily’. First seven years are the most ‘critical part’, first seven years, ‘you will Program’ seventy percent of ‘what you will do’ your ‘entire Life’. I mean, that’s when your ‘input’, it’s like you have a ‘blank slate’, your ‘ability’ of the ‘physical’ in the Mind, to take information in, is ‘optimized’. You ‘lose’ that ‘ability’ as you ‘grow older’. That’s why it becomes ‘more and more difficult’ to learn something. If you learn a new language, while you’re in the first seven years, ‘very quick’. After that, it becomes ‘very difficult’. So, the more ‘input you have’, the first seven years, the more ‘effective’ you are in your ‘Reality’. The ‘less that you have’, I mean, the ‘more difficult’ it becomes for you to learn. Why? Because ‘in essence’, you ‘slow down your ability’, you are ‘being controlled’ by: ‘The Resonances’ that is ‘actually’ ‘You’. ‘You’ ‘do not’ ‘actually’ ‘exist’. Because, the ‘consciousness’ that ‘exist’ here, ‘as personality’, are but ‘all the Resonances together’ that ‘gives a way’ to ‘survive’ within this ‘physical body’, ‘in the World’. ‘The World’ is your ‘enemy’, and you are a soldier, ‘fighting’ for survival, ‘trying to prevent’ ‘your death’, from ‘day to day’. That’s why ‘fear of death’ is ‘so great’. You’re a ‘Dear Soul’, ‘trying to become great’, which is impossible, because, you have ‘no idea’ ‘how you functions’, you have ‘no idea’ ‘where consciousness come from’, you have ‘no idea’, ‘where your thoughts come from’, you have ‘no idea’ ‘who you are’, ‘how you created it’. ‘You’re fucked’.

And ‘that’s’ what we ‘correct’ with Structural Resonance Alignment.